Capt Zeen SU25T v1.0 and V1.0b helios profiles

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Capt Zeen SU25T v1.0 and V1.0b helios profiles

Uploaded by - Capt Zeen
Date - 09/24/2014 00:24:49
SU25T Helios Profile. for 16:10 and 16:9 resolution monitors, QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards

After some time evaluating the possibilities DCSWorld offers to export data from FC3, I decided to create this Helios profile for the SU25T.
One of the biggest problems is that DCS does not send all the information from FC3 controls, but enough to make an interesting project.
From the Helios FC2 interface we can collect up to 18 different indicators values, coming from DCS: radar altimeter, barometric altimeter, ADI, HSI, left and right engine rpms, left and right temperatures, vertical velocity, Angle of atack and Indicated air speed.
I have included in the profile, a series of switches and controls, bindend to their corresponding keyboard shortcuts, so we can handle the most usually systems from the profile.

prepared fro 16:10 and 16:9 resolution monitors, and QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards

Capt_Zeen-SU25T-v1.0_azerty    16:10 monitor resolutions, french keyboard
Capt_Zeen-SU25T-v1.0_qwerty    16:10 monitor resolutions, international keyboard
Capt_Zeen-SU25T-v1.0b_azerty    16:9 monitor resolutions, french keyboard
Capt_Zeen-SU25T-v1.0b_qwerty   16:9 monitor resolutions, international keyboard
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