A-10C Stunt Landing Challenge! Fly with me #1

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A-10C Warthog

A-10C Stunt Landing Challenge! Fly with me #1

Uploaded by - gev
Date - 08/02/2014 03:10:56
Perform a daring aileron roll at the last second to impress the boys lining the runway! Accompanied by two C-130s and an aerobatic inbound flight of F16 and F/A18. Video here: http://youtu.be/R8hxzO2RkYY

A very quick challenge for the brave. The goal of this mission is to perform an aileron roll as close to touchdown as you can. Mission starts on approach so is quick to retry.

Watch the success video: http://youtu.be/R8hxzO2RkYY

Laugh at my failed attempts: http://youtu.be/qo4L7HMhaj8

Try it yourself and post the trk files or videos for the community to enjoy. Please subscribe to Ropey Jollop on You Tube for more DCS Videos and DCS Fly With Me Challenges.
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