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LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2


Uploaded by - james.r.wright
Date - 12/08/2010 02:02:27
Twilight mission with a fully loaded A-10 and a chance for some aerial refueling.

Updated Mission:
Added goals
Used triggers for certain events
Changed weapons loadout on A-10

Global War on Terrorism

As the war on terrorism moves onto its tenth year, the insurgents are looking for new ground to operate from.  With the Taliban on the run in Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda is looking for other groups to support them.  Tehreek-e-Taliban, in Pakistan, has given some help, but Pakistan's government leaders are taking a beating from other countries for allowing terrorist to hide out in the FATA region of Pakistan.

It is rumored that some underground cells are located in almost 100 countries.  Al-Qaeda cells in the US, Italy, Frnace, Spain, and Albania has already been broken up.  The intel gathered from those raids indicate a new cell in Georgia.

It is up to you to continue the fight...
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