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Turkish Uprising

Uploaded by - james.r.wright
Date - 12/02/2010 04:35:54
Single player mission destroying a artillery battery.

Updated mission:
Hide all aircraft except for player
Added triggers for artillery and backup CAS
Added goals
Changed to AIM-9Ms

You are here in Georgia for 3 months of A2G training exercises with the Georgian Air Force.  You are 2/3 complete with your tour.  The Turkish government is not enthused about the US cooperation with the Georgian government.  In the past 3 weeks, Intel has been receiving indications and warnings of an artillery battery just south of the Georgian boarder outside the city of Kemal'pasha, Turkey.  

2 days a ago, 4 M270 MLRS units moved in that morning.  Later that evening the battery conducted a live fire shoot off the coast well inside the flight path we use here at the Batumi airfield.  We have suspended flight operations to allow time for the elected officials of both governments settle the dispute of the  un-announced live fire exercise.

Last night our MQ-1 Predator observed 8 trucks resupply the M270 launchers despite the peace talks.

This morning at 0314L, one of the M109 Paladin's fired an illumination round right over our airfield.  We have been on alert since awaiting further instructions from our superiors...
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