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Hard Steel

Uploaded by - RRaf
Date - 07/11/2014 16:42:38
Multiplayer mission for: 3xSu25T, 6xA10, 4xKA50, 4xF15

HardSteel v1
3xSu25T, 6xA10, 4xKA50, 4xF15
Map mode: fog of war
Wind 270, 1m/s
QNH 740mmhg, 29.13inhg

The enemy has just began building reinforcements at the airport of Sochi. A counterattack at Maykop will stop their operations before the airfield becomes a threat.

Both sides are well defended, operative enemy bases also include Krymsk and Minvody, with long range SAMs installed.

Maykop has a decently weak SAM coverage that will be taken out via SEAD, before the airstrike will clear the area.

As soon as the enemy SAMs will be taken down, the intelligence is expecting some bandits to stop our flights from completing the mission.

Callable flights: SEAD, CAP (communication 124 AM)
Callable Tankers:
- Texaco, 151 AM, TCN 01X
- Shell, 152 AM, TCN 02X

=== Bullseye ===
Maykop railstation.
44 37.367N / 040 06.377E

=== Airfield ===
Gudauta @ 130 AM
Air traffic at the airfield, contact ATC for takeoff/landing.

=== FARP ===
Dallas @ 127.5 AM
FARP is located at Psebay, a hill is covering the sight from the SAMs, but SEAD is required to advance further.

=== Su-25T  ===
[Can be replaced by calling the package Ford-8 via radio]
Ford 5->7
- WP2: (bullseye@maykop) take out all the radar SAMs in this area.
- WP3: (sochi AB) take out any optional SAM in this area, but only if WP2 has been completely cleared first.

=== Ka-50 ===
Ford 1->4
Task is to clear all enemies from the target area.
WP1 & WP 2: Navigation
WP3: bullseye and target area.

=== A-10C ===
Springfield 1->6
Clear out the enemies scattered around the city of maykop.
WP2: Ingress
WP3: Target area

=== F-15C ===
[Can be replaced by calling the package Uzi-5 via radio]
F-15: Uzi 1->4
- Make sure SEAD has eliminated SAMs at Maykop before entering the operation area covered by SAM.
- Cover the operation area from any enemy bandits.
- WP1: bullseye
- WP2: Patrol West
- WP3: Patrol East
- WP4: Patrol South
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