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Uploaded by - RRaf
Date - 06/19/2014 01:01:05
This mission is a Force on Force opposition, for the following DCS World modules: A-10C, Ka-50, Flaming Cliffs 3, UH-1H, Combined Arms. Each faction (Red and Blue) will have a resource points amount to spend for playing the game, buying ground vehicles, on requst AI flight, but also some means to generate the same points.

Each player can operate the menu, even if they don’t have CA installed. Also if they have instead, they can control vehicles even while in-flight (“pilot can control vehicles”).

The mission incentivates destroying spawned units, but does the opposite on players. Killing a spawned unit will give to the destroyer faction a 110% of the original value of the unit/or group destroyed (BUKs count as groups). But killing a player gives no resources.

Each faction has three keypoints: the airfield, the FARP, and the Front. Ground units can be spawned in these zones, while spwaned flights will start mid-air close to the faction’s airfield. The air spawned units are single F-16C with different payloads depending on their task (CAP, CAS, SEAD) and their flight plan is the same.

Spawning a CAP flight in a heavily SAM zone will most probably get it killed, so it’s needed to think before spawning flights, even because they have a high cost. If they get destroyed, the adversary still gets 110% of their value, even if they crash or get killed in any sort of way. The flights do not stay in orbit, once their flightplan is nagivated, they return to base. This means that they must be called also in the right timing.

Each ground spawned group generates an amount of resource per minute, so keeping units alive as long as they can is a goal. For flights instead, they give back their initial cost if they can land safely, but do not generate any resource per minute.
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