5053rd Search and Rescue Squadron

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5053rd Search and Rescue Squadron

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Philippine Air Force Rescue, 5053rd Search and Rescue Squadron.


The 505th SARG is among ASEAN’s unique SAR organisation that falls under the purview of military command and control beside the RSAF’s No 125 SQN. They did not only conducts CSAR operation in case a military aircraft is involved in an air accidents but also executed civilian oriented SAR mission throughout the country during peacetime.

The 505th Search and Rescue Group traces its lineage to the Philippine Government’s response to the provisions of the convention on International Civil Aviation (ICAO), whereby the Philippines committed itself to provide such measures of assistance to all aircraft in distress within the Manila Flight Information Region (FIR). In line with this commitment, the 505th Search and Rescue Squadron was activated on 12 December 1956 to be the lead rescue unit under the management, control and supervision of the then 205th Composite Wing.

On 15 February 1996 the unit was expanded to become the 505th Search and Rescue Group. The Group consisted of 3 operation squadrons, strategically deployed: the 5051st Search and Rescue Squadron in Luzon, along with the the 5052nd Search and Rescue Squadron at an advance post in Palawan, Visayas, and the 5053rd Search and Rescue Squadron in Mindanao. The unit also featured organic support elements, the 5054th Supply Squadron and the 5055th Maintenance Squadron.

All rescue squadrons now operate a mix of S-76 and UH-1 helicopters. Since the Philippines is subjected to frequent natural disasters such as typhoon and others, these helicopters as well as their pararescuemen (known as the Angels) were subsequently active in conducting search and rescue operations throughout the country.
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