UH-1: 4th Aviation Battalion Vietnam Skin Pack

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UH-1H Huey
UH-1: 4th Aviation Battalion Vietnam Skin Pack

UH-1: 4th Aviation Battalion Vietnam Skin Pack

Type - Skin
Author - Home Fries
Date - 19.05.2014 08:42
This is a collection of skins representing A and B Companies of he 4th Aviation Battalion.  Alpha Company flew slicks, while Bravo Company flew Loaches and Huey and Cobra Gunships.

Skins include:
    Alpha Company "Black Jacks"
        First Platoon "Lizard 7"
        Second Platoon "Hustlers"
        Third Platoon "Renegades"
        Third Platoon Command and Control Huey (#458)
    Bravo Company "Gambler Guns"

All reference imagery was taken from

Skinner's Philosophy:

Because the 3D models used for the aircrew utilize modern flight gear I have chosen to model the skins as "modern aircraft with nostalgic patterns", as opposed to actual Vietnam era skins..  The significance of this is that I have chosen to skin the aircrew in contemporary flight uniforms.  I felt that this was more fitting in a setting that involves modern orders of battle, and is also less of an immersion-killer than seeing Vietnam era "uniforms" on clearly modern objects.

Copy the folders (except for TempTextures; see below) to your Liveries\uh-1h folder (either in DCS World\Bazar or Saved Games\DCS).

I have included files that have (IMHO) improved the textures of the pilots and door gunners.  They now wear the standard green and grey nomex flight gloves and have pencil pockets on their left sleeves, similar to my USN and USMC uniform textures.

To enable these textures, just copy the contents of the _Optional\TempTextures folder to your DCS World\Bazar\TempTextures folder.  To disable the textures, just delete them from TempTextures and the default textures will be used instead.

Change Log:
1.0    Initial Release for DCS World 1.2.7
1.01    Pilot/Gunner dedicated USA textures
1.1    Added "slick" specific textures to all aircraft
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