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A-10C Warthog

AAR Night Practice Mission

Uploaded by - Lobo**
Date - 06/05/2011 08:46:05
Night, VFR, air refueling practice mission with a wingman. Start airborne.

You are flight lead of "Hawg" flight. A two ship flight of A-10C's. The mission for tonight is to practice air to air refueling (AAR) with KC-135 tanker callsign "Texaco".

Some tips:

-Trim A/C for speed before moving to contact.
-Ignore the HUD info once you are close to the tanker.
-Fly formation on the tanker not the boom. i.e. look through the boom.
-For extreme precision flying I rest my forearm on my leg while applying slight pressure as required to the joystick.
-Once connected (while still flying formation on the tanker) make adjustments as required to keep the boom in the green arc.
-relax death grip on stick.
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