Operation: "Bull by the Horns" 2.0

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A-10C Warthog

Operation: "Bull by the Horns" 2.0

Uploaded by - yunoo123
Date - 05/25/2011 23:38:13
Simple mission attacking targets given by recon's bullseye calls in and around Vaziani.

AFAC, AWACS, Tanker also available.

Targets given at ten minute intervals.

Get airborne and follow Dodge's bullseye calls to target.

2.0 Fixes:
Radio Freqencies for predators fixed.
Other minor fixes

--Thanks to Warrior X, Fish and Strongharm for advice and patience with my endless questions

Here's your chance to deliver lethal bomblets and target hungry Mavericks in a picturesque mountainous landscape offering up to the visitor a variety of SAM, AAA and Artillery threats as a drowsy sun gracefully retires for the evening behind distant mountain peaks beyond the horizon.

Opportunity to practice Bullseye Calls coords entry into OFFSET page of the CDU.
Opportunity to practice searching for targets with TGP.
Opportunity to practice refueling if thirsty at 20.000ft

Get the call. Punch up the coordinates. Set new steerpoint. Search with TGP then, prosecute target quickly. There's another on the way.

Limited ordnance to be delivered to seven total targets.
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