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Total War 3 ENG

Uploaded by - jov2000
Date - 02/12/2014 01:30:40
Multiplayer Coop or PVP mission

Blue side: 4XA-10A, 4XA-10C, 4XSU-25A, 4XSU-25T, 4XF-15C, 4XMIG-29A, 4XMIG-29S, 2X MI-8MTV2, 2X KA-50

Red side: 4XSU-25A, 4XSU-25T, 4XMI-8MTV2, 2XKA-50, 4XMIG-29A, 4XMIG-29S, 4XSU-27, 4XSU33


In the last period, NATO forces achieved territorial gains against the Russian forces. The Russians retreated behind the river where INGURI latch positions developed in preparation for a possible attack with this. NATO forces on the western side of the INGURI artillery positions were created and high-value units assigned to the combat zone.

The Russian air bases arranged in Kobuleti, Kutaisi and BATUMI airports and bases strengthen this began.

In parallel, NATO took possession Adler Sochi, Sukhumi and Gudauta bases and started these bases are added to the aircraft flew over western bases.

Both NATO and the Russian forces hard-hitting fighter forces were transferred to the operational zone, so the fighter pilots on both sides will be hard to do.


Happy hunting!

The air base region by VIVID AIR TRAFFIC IS! The landing aircrafts ALWAYS Priority will be given!

Sorry for my bad English
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