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Total War 2

Uploaded by - jov2000
Date - 11/13/2013 22:18:39
Coop or PVP multiplayer mission with CA support.

Blue side: 4XA10A, 4XA10C, 4XMIG29A, 8XMIG29S,4XSU25A, 4XSU25T, 2XSU27, 2XMI-8MTV2, 2XKA50

Red side: 4XMIG29A, 4XMIG29S, 4XSU27, 2XSU33, 4xSU25A, 4XSU25T, 2XMI-8MTV2, 2XKA-50


Russian Federation vs Nato

In the last few week NATO managed to force Russian troops towards east. By doing so KRYMSK, KRASONDAR, GELENDHZIK has fallen in NATO hands serving as bases for operations

The Russian army reinforced SOCHI ADLER, GUDAUTA, SUKHUMI and MINERALNYE VODI. Also large troop movements suggest  extensive merger of divisions

NATO paralel to this set up Foward Operating Bases between CHERKESSK and SOCHI-ADLER to flank the Russian Divisons

As a result the oposing armies are just a "stone throw away" from each other. This makes the crews task harder during operations.

The task at hand is to ELIMINATE ENEMY BASES and the protection of AIR ASSETS

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