Reworked Cockpit Views with proper Neck

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Reworked Cockpit Views with proper Neck

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - PeterP
Date - 11/01/2013 21:38:07
One examples what this does :

A-10C - You will see your tuned Radio Frequency without to move backwards - as it isn't hidden any more by your throttle-levers when in idle position,
and you are able to reach the back-panels, like the lightning knobs, much easier.

..and many more - the whole cockpit experience will be much more "natural" in each cockpit/module.

Please follow the link in the attached zip to get the instruction and files and/or simply follow this link:

Sorry that I didn't upload the files directly. But these files needs sometimes a update between DCS updates, especially when they add new modules, so it's easier for me to maintain the upload directly in the thread.
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