The Helicopter War

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DCS World 1.5

The Helicopter War

Uploaded by - markuswohlgenannt
Date - 08/02/2013 21:14:08

Complete dynamically generated CSAR, airmobility or ground attack tasks.
Pick either the blue side in a US UH-1H, Gazelle, A-10C, Mirage 2000C, or the red side in a Mi-8, Ka-50 or Mig-21.

Edit: May 6th 2016: Gazelle added to blue side. Use it to engage truck and mechanized convoys, or to insert/extract troops or CSAR.

Edit: Jan 3rd 2016 mission compatible with DCS World 1.5

EDIT: April 19 2014

Completely redone, simplified mission (tested with 1.2.8 beta)


- now includes sling-load task for Huey client with callsign 'Dodge 1-1'  
- Huey clients now have wingmen
- ADF radio homing for Mi-8 clients now functional
- copilot calls out incoming missiles and sink-rate warnings
- crew chief calls out hover instructions for sling load tasks
- now includes Ka-50 and A-10C clients for anti-tank tasks

EDIT: Sept 17 change log

-- replaced Russian UH-1Hs with Mi-8s (note that in the present beta version the Mi-8 does not have FM homing capability, navigation to targets must be done by dead reconing or by using F10 map)
-- infantry battles can now be reinforced multiple times until the battle is lost or won. Reinforcements can happen either sequentially, or in parallel by several choppers.

EDIT: Aug 12 change log
-- added AI helicopters that will complete various dynamically generated tasks in parallel with human-controlled helicopters. This increases immersion, especially for SP and MP with few players.
-- outcome of mission is now dependent on success/failure of completion of individual tasks
-- improved balance between red and blue force strength.
-- fixed some bugs

Mission setting:
Red forces have overrun Georgia, and the remaining Blue forces in western Georgia are cornered in from all sides. To regain the initiative, Blue forces must establish air superiority, and fighter jets are battling it out in the skies of Georgia.

In addition, special forces teams are trying to retake key ground installations, and have been involved in a large number of skirmishes. They may need you to air-lift in reinforcements, and to retrieve them after combat. It is also critical that both sides eliminate the enemy's supply lines.
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