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DCS: Black Shark 1.0.2

Clear Tkvarcheli (MP x2)

Uploaded by - Distiler
Date - 04/17/2011 09:56:09
"Clear Tkvarcheli" stock single player mission ported to 2 players.

Content rights to ED.

PD: do not edit unless you have the mission editor mod.

After many months of unrest and insurgent attacks on civilians in the region to the south of our border, forces entered the area last March and have established order.
In a brazen move designed to destroy the peace, insurgent forces pushed North fr om Chkhortoli last night and were seen entering the town of Tkvarcheli.
Intelligence operatives in the area report a column of 9 armoured vehicles entered the town and took up defensive positions.
Although exact details are sketchy, the column reportedly included a number of IFV, APC and SHORAD units.
Armed troops are patrolling the streets and a 24-hour curfew has been imposed on civilians in the area.
Upwards of 2 dozen civilians were injured during the attack, and they have been evacuated by their comrades to a hamlet to the North West of Tkvarcheli wh ere a small force of our troops were conducting an exercise.
Those troops are preparing to make a dash to the local medical centre at Novaya Akcaskia to the south-west of your current position.

You are to lead your flight north to the town of Tkvarcheli and eliminate the threat to the convoy carrying injured civilians out of the area.
Fly 6.7km at 85 degrees to the forward observation way point, and then plan your engagement from there.
Many of the injured are gravely ill, haste is of the utmost importance.
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