Canadian Search And Rescue Services.

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UH-1H Huey

Canadian Search And Rescue Services.

Type - Skin
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Date - 06/30/2013 17:30:18
Canadian Army Search And Rescue Helis.

Two versions of this Huey.

One plain version, and one with a single red stripe on either back side panels.

Third version now added, full red stripe graphic wrapped around heli as per CSARS. Credit to Upuaut who finished completed it.

Ten were sold to Canada for use under the designation CUH-1H with the first one was delivered on 6 March 1968. These were evaluated by the Canadian Forces and found unsuitable for Canadian tactical use, which resulted in the Canadian government sponsoring the development of the twin-engined version of the "Hotel", the UH-1N Twin Huey. The ten CUH-1Hs were re-equipped for search and rescue use, redesignated CH-118 and served until 1995.[3][4]

Also included are seperate rar files for both skins. These additional rar files contain the cockpit panel graphics and a new description.lua file, the cockpit graphics file adds a worn through Cnadian Maple Leaf flag onto the cockpit. Just extract the files into the correct folders.

As usual extract both versions to Baza r/ liveries / uh1 folder.
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