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Go Ugly Early: 1-01 Uncivilized Times

Uploaded by - swordoftruth412
Date - 06/13/2013 19:59:58
Go Ugly Early Mission 1
Night Strike on SCUD missile positions

No time for pleasantries gentlemen. As you know the situation here in Krasnodar has continued to degrade culminating in the shooting down of USAF refugee aircraft over Abhkazia. The Abkhaz have continued their push into Krasnodar Oblast, assumingly, under the pressure of the PNUP rebels. If you were watching the news last night, you know that the several rockets were launched into Krasnodar, Maykop and Novorossisysk. We are in the process of bringing in additional Patriot interceptors with additional ground forces, but it is going to take time to relocate them from bases in Germany. The Abkhaz have boasted about loading these missiles with biological and chemical warheads. SatComm has confirmed the Abkhaz have brought additional rockets forward along with fuel trucks this morning. It is estimated these missiles could be operational by 0600 and judging from the increasing aggression and continued advance of Abkhaz forces against the agreed cease fire line near Tuapse, we have to conclude that Abhkazia intends to use these weapons.

Threat Assessment:

SAMS: Various IR SAM's such as SA-13 and SA-9.
The Abkhaz forces do have extensive numbers of SA-8 and SA-15 mobile SAM platforms and have erected a net around the town of Sochi and the Sochi-Adler Airbase. Intel suggests that at least some of these platforms may cover the SCUD sites. Pay attention to your RWR and be sure to egress WEST off target.

AAA: Multiple radar assisted ZSU-23

Air: So far, the Abkhaz have kept most of their fighters on the ground thanks to the efforts of the 492nd and 493rd during the past two weeks. However, it is estimated that the Abhkaz still have around 12-15 fighters of varying quality and type.

Allied Support:

COLT Flight: F-16C x 2 CAP
CHEVY Flight: F-16C x 4 SEAD
FORD Flight: F-15E x 2 Strike if needed

Default Loadout
HAWG Flight [A-10C]: AGM-65D*4 and GBU-38*2 and CBU-87*2 and Rockets M151*7 and TGP

BOAR Flight [A-10A]: AGM-65D*2 and CBU-97*2 and CBU-87*2 and Rockets M151*38

ENFIELD Flight [Su-25T]: KAB-500r*2 and Vikhr*16 and Kh-25ML*2 and Rockets S-8*40 and LLTV

Revision 1: Changed Su-25T flight from AI to client [my bad! sorry!], fixed various SAM locations and altered SEAD flight loadout. Mission now includes flight plan and target pictures.
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