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Tacview Glideslopes for DCS World

Type - Utility
Uploaded by - RustyNOR
Date - 05/19/2013 07:08:14
Tacview glideslopes for DCS World Caucasus map.

Originally done by forum user TekaTeka back in 2006 for LOMAC but have not been updated as far as I can se. The glideslopes in TekeTeka’s version did not fit the ILS glideslopes in DCS World Caucasus map and there were a lot of new airports. I have removed all the airports located on Crimea fr om the file and added all the new airports on the Caucasus map.  

To install, copy the "Data" folder (and its content) to where you have installed Tacview (wh ere Tacview.exe is located).

The file structure will be like below:


The glideslope cones are angled 3 degrees and have 0.2‹ height (+/- 0.1‹) and 0.4‹ width (+/- 0.2‹).
The length is 17km which is the approximate distance to the IAF.

Even if the installation process is just a simple copy of the folders I supply 3 screenshots to show the glideslopes in action so you can see how they supposed to work. This will help you identify them working in your installation.

Credit to TekaTeka for the making the LOMAC version I used as base for my work.
Updated and added airdromes for DCS World Caucasus by 138th.Jack
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