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Mission Safe Escape

Uploaded by - MasterZelgadis
Date - 04/04/2013 09:23:04
Provide CAS for a special forces unit capturing an enemy general and making their way back to the base

German voice over, international version with english texts

You have to overwatch a special forces mission to capture a high general. Mission has 3 phases:
1) Watch special forces team "Darknight" on their way to their objective. Hint: Look for targets and mark them in this phase
2) Close Air Support for Darknight on their retreat
3) Surprise

Mission features a tanker for in flight refueling. I suggest that at least 1 player stays on station, when the other one is refueling.

Mission features auto scaling, when 3 or 4 players are in the air prepare for some additional stuff to shoot at
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