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OH-58D Kiowa Warrior

Operation Vigilant Sky - Kiowa

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Date - 06/10/2024 16:46:31
Simple Mission for the Kiowa:

The Egypt-Israel border experiences escalating tensions as insurgent groups repeatedly probe the barrier, potentially linked to terrorism. To address this, a Tunisian contingent is deployed as Military Observers.
Unfortunately, communication with the Egyptian border post near Nitzana has been lost, prompting the closure of the border. Meanwhile, an Egyptian force is en route to resolve the situation. As observers, our task is to monitor and document the evolving events while maintaining a diplomatic approach.

Operation Vigilant Sky

Tensions have been on the rise once again at the Egypt-Israel border, with various insurgent groups probing the 245km barrier separating the two countries over the past months. While most incidents appear to be related to drug smuggling, the frequency and nature of these incursions raise concerns of potential links to terrorist organizations. Both Egypt and Israel are actively collaborating to address these incursions, but the situation remains volatile, with both countries apprehensive about a repeat of the 2011 and 2012 border incidents.

Your Role:
You are part of aTunisian contingent deployed to Egypt as a Military Observer. This highly diplomatic mission calls for the best conduct.

Current Development:
Within the last 30 minutes, all communication with the Egyptian border post and patrols around Nitzana (XV31- marked on your map) has been lost. The Israeli army's attempts to establish contact with their Egyptian counterparts have been unsuccessful. No activity is observed on the Egyptian side, prompting the Israelis to close the border until the situation is clarified. The Egyptian army is dispatching a small force to address the issue, expected to arrive at the border within 30 minutes. Your role is to observe and monitor the evolving situation.

Rules of Engagement:
As an observer, your primary duty is to exercise restraint and use force only as a last resort. Your Kiowa has been equipped with weaponry to serve as a deterrent against hostile actions, following recent incidents where flight patrols along the border were targeted with small arms fire. However, it is crucial to avoid employing force unless directly fired upon. The use of force during this mission carries significant political implications and may lead to unforeseen consequences.

Mission Execution:
Depart from El Gora and proceed to the border post ( 133°, 30km).
Upon reaching the border post, assume a holding pattern and await further instructions.
Maintain a vigilant watch, document any developments, and exercise caution in your actions.
Your co-pilot will keep communication channels open with the Israelis and Egyptians authorities and report you any evolution.

Your presence as a neutral observer aims to contribute to de-escalating tensions and promoting a peaceful resolution. Stay alert and exercise restraint, allowing the Egyptian and Israeli forces to handle the situation while you provide essential observations.
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