Invasion Anapa - Su-25T Single Player Mission

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Invasion Anapa - Su-25T Single Player Mission

Uploaded by - magokbas
Date - 05/14/2024 08:29:51
The US and Georgia maintain their presence in the region. The US is using cargo planes to transport weapons to Anapa airport to provide support. Russia will organize an operation at Anapa airport to put an end to this situation. According to the intelligence received, the last cargo plane is about to approach Anapa airport. Three Su-27 fighter jets took off from Krasnodar to intercept the planes planning to land at Anapa airport. Su-25T pilots and tank units stationed in the region are also standing by to seize Anapa airport.

Shoot some of the tanks between waypoints 4 and 5. When you do this, the waiting ground force tanks will move in to capture the airfield.
From the Other menu you can ask ground support units to mark targets.

- Destroy their air defense systems.
- Destroy the tanks securing the area.

This is the second mission of the Invasion mission. You can download the first mission from the link below.
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