322nd BS - 91st BG_LG-W_Wee Willie [UPDATED]

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322nd BS - 91st BG_LG-W_Wee Willie [UPDATED]

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - JG1 Vonrd
Date - 08/06/2023 23:35:23
This is a submission for the B-17G Livery Competition. It includes two skins, one a detailed 'Wee Willie' and one plain and without the distinguishing markings of 'Wee Willie" as specified in the competition. Speculars are used but I will change to roughmets if the developers decide to upgrade the B-17 to PBR. The detailed skin depicts Serial number 42-31333, a B-17G-15-BO, code: LG-W, nicknamed "Wee Willie". The plane completed 128 combat missions with the 322nd Bombardment Squadron of the 91st Bombardment Group.

DCS: World War II Assets Pack is required.

Many thanks to SOLIDKREATE for providing his research and advise and to Warlord64 for his JSON Mod and for assistance on the spinning props

Please Note: This skin will work with the default JSON file included in the game but to see the skin at it's best, use the improved Metallic look MOD by Warlord64 available here :  https://forum.dcs.world/topic/319116-specular-reflectivity-from-brushed-to-mirror-effect/#comment-5150016

On 3 February over Wilhelmshaven "Willie" took some serious flak damage just above the ball turret. The repair is depicted on the skin.

Wee Willie was part of a mission on 8 April 1945 The 322nd Bombardment Squadron was tasked to an attack against the locomotive repair facilities at the railroad marshaling yards in Stendal, Saxony-Anhalt Germany and was on it's 129th combat mission.

Wee Willie was the oldest B-17G still in service with the 91st Bomb Group, and the next to last B-17 lost to enemy action by the group before cessation of hostilities. The War in Europe came to an end with the unconditional surrender of Germany just 30 days later, 7 May 1945. It's demise was captured on a series of dramatic and heartbreaking photographs.

Never Forget...

B-17 42-31333 / Wee Willie Crew
Position    Rank    Name    Status    Note
P        1LT    Robert E. Fuller    POW    -
CP        2LT    Woodrow A. Lien        KIA    -
NAV        T/SGT    Francis J. McCarthy    KIA    -
ENG/TT        S/SGT    Wylie McNatt, Jr.    KIA    -
RO        S/SGT    Ralph J. Leffelman    KIA    -
BT        S/SGT    William H. Cassiday    KIA    -
WG        S/SGT    James D. Houtchens    KIA    -
TG        SGT    Le Moyne Miller        KIA    -
TOG        S/SGT    Richard D. Proudfit    KIA    -

Cowl flaps corrected
Codes removed on Plain skin
8/23/23 Added missing stars and bars rondels on wings
8/25/23 Fixed RH Aileron Specular
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