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DCS World 2.8

B-17G Joker

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - Mike Busutil
Date - 08/05/2023 22:51:47
My Entry for the Ai B-17G skin competition.

(Includes Joker skin and generic version without art)

Lots of small details went into this one. Please report any issues.

774th Bomb Squadron, 463rd Bomb Group B-17G Flying Fortress (serial number 42-31684) nicknamed "Joker". This aircraft was declared Missing In Action on the 7th of July 1944 by enemy aircraft, crashed in Germany. (Interestingly, 774 shot down on 7744)

Missing Air Crew Report 6864.

Flown by 2/Lt. Donald Doran

Co-pilot: Maurice Davis

Navigator: Pat Gaughan

Bombardier: Jim Slaughter

Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Jim Shephard

Radio Operator: Bill Marcks

Ball turret gunner: Jim Howard

Waist gunner: Bob Moran

Waist gunner: Dan O’Connell

Tail gunner: Manny Remplakis
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