322nd BS - 91st BG_LG-O_Texas Chubby [UPDATED]

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322nd BS - 91st BG_LG-O_Texas Chubby [UPDATED]

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - JG1 Vonrd
Date - 07/28/2023 21:52:16
This is a submission for the B-17G Livery Competition. It includes two skins, one a detailed 'Texas Chubby' and one plain and without the distinguishing markings of 'Texas Chubby". It is a generic B-17G of the 322nd BG, 91st BS as specified in the competition rules. Speculars are used but I will change to roughmets if the developers decide to upgrade the B-17 to PBR. The detailed skin depicts Serial number 42-31634, a B-17G-25-DL,  code: LG-O, nicknamed "Texas Chubby - The J'Ville Jolter". The plane flew 50 combat missions with the 322nd Bombardment Squadron of the 91st Bombardment Group. Attacked by German fighters on 16-Aug-44 while on a mission to bomb aircraft factories at Halle, Germany and blew up in mid-air. Crashed in the Forest of Mollenfelde at Eichenberg/Thurlingen, Germany with 5KIA and 4POW.

8/6/23 Speculars and lower surfaces changed to the correct No. 42 Gray instead of Sky Blue]
8/7/23 All codes removed from Plain skin.
8/23/23 Added missing stars and bars rondels on wings.
8/25/23 Fixed RH Aileron Specular

Please Note: This skin will work with the default JSON file included in the game but to see the skin at it's best, use the improved Metallic look MOD by Warlord64 available here :  https://forum.dcs.world/topic/319116-specular-reflectivity-from-brushed-to-mirror-effect/#comment-5150016

Fate of the crew: Pilot 1Lt Halstead Sherrill (KIA) CoPpilot 2Lt Frank J. Gilligan (POW) Navigator 2Lt William M. Porter (POW) Bombardier 2Lt Nicholas J. Weber (KIA) Engineer/TTG Sgt Vernon E. Bauerline (KIA) Radio Operator SSgt Richard J. Munkwitz (POW) Ball Turret Enrique T. Perez (KIA) Waist SSgt Joseph R. Morrison (KIA) Tail Gun SSgt Chester W. Mis (POW)
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