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DCS: World 2.7

Як-52 Skill Test

Type - Campaign
Uploaded by - dggoofy
Date - 01/28/2023 07:27:16
You have just completed a basic formation to join the Gagarine Air Force Flight Academy.
This is the last week of a 2 months intensive training. To obtain your wings, you have now to pass a set of 6 skill tests with a Flight Instructor.
Fly safely and listen carefully to instructions. Sometimes things don't happen exactly how they should.
Good luck, cadet.
01/16/2021 : Version 1 release for DCS 2.7
01/28/2023 : Version 2 release for DCS 2.8 (1 mission added)

Update of my campaign :
- Add a new mission
- DC 2.8 clouds

Contain 6 missions. Each mission lasts between 20 and 40 minutes.
Flight with FI (Flight Instructor), solo and in formation.

Full kneeboard documentations and fully voiced-over.

Not really hard. You may pass to the next level easily. But if you want to be Major of your Promotion, I mean obtain the highest score, then you have to fly very accuratly.

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