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F-16C Viper

Ace Combat - 545th Fighter Squadron "Dragons"

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - AWACS_Bandog
Date - 01/24/2023 06:52:36
Ace Combat inspired Have Glass V skin for the F-16C

Established in 1975 as the 545th Tactical Fighter Squadron, the Dragons were initially an Osean Air National Guard unit assigned to the A-7D Corsair, specializing in the Close Air Support mission.

With the OADFs retirement of the A-7 however in 1993, came the disestablishment of the Dragons who would remain dormant until 2011. The OADF saw the need for new Commands, and in particular to reinvigorate the Immediate Reaction Force which had languished to a critical degree under the Harling administration. The OADF opted to Reactivate the Dragons as a F-16C unit, now assigned to the 57th Fighter Wing, alongside fellow F-16 squadron the 65th "High Rollers" fighter squadron.

In 2019, following the unit's return from the Lighthouse War, their F-16Cs would be upgraded with the Have Glass V radar absorbent paint. This total squadron upgrade was completed the fall of 2022.

This is not intended as a replica of an Ace Combat squadron within the lore.

Features one skin.

Pilots wear custom patches.

Please contact me on Discord at AWACS_BANDOG#7420 for any questions or bug-reports, thanks!

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