F18 - JSOW, JDAM, SLAM TOO&PP Tutorial / Training Mission

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F/A-18C Hornet

F18 - JSOW, JDAM, SLAM TOO&PP Tutorial / Training Mission

Uploaded by - Wackenopfer
Date - 11/23/2022 23:04:17
You will have Employment Guidance on the Screen during the mission in case you are stuck at any point.

In this training mission you will learn about JSOW, SLAM and JDAM Standoff Munition Employment in TOO (Target Of Opportunity) and PP (Pre-Planned) MODE.

This Training requires you to be a solid pilot which is able to navigate through DDI's and the UFC, perform multiple tasks simultaneously and operate autopilot systems.

Standoff Weapons in our case are GPS-guided Ammunitions which are capable of navigating and employing at different ranges in an all-weather scenario. This means you can drop them in Overcast conditions when using PP Mode or when suitable TGT-Waypoints exist.

This is my first mission.

I thank Chuck for his amazing guides with which i would never learn any DCS-Module and Eagle Dynamics for the great Multirole and for me easy-to-learn F/A-18C

Mission by Crankpad (C) 11/2022
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