L-39 / SU-25T / SU25A / MiG29 - Operation Candle SP & MP Mission

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DCS: World 2.7
L-39 Albatros

L-39 / SU-25T / SU25A / MiG29 - Operation Candle SP & MP Mission

Uploaded by - chattytumbler
Date - 09/25/2022 14:45:26
This mission is primarily an SU-25 ground attack sortie with the choice to fly as the L-39 Albatros 'bad guys' for the Red team. It is playable on either the red or blue sides in single player and/or multiplayer modes. The main mission brief is aimed at the Blue team but there is a full Red brief.

Single player: Radio options will allow you to fly for Red or Blue and you generate AI aircraft to help or hinder you. As the L-39 you can generate the entire enemy AI strike package then go and hunt them down.

Red Force Mission: Up to 2 human pilots can fly L-39Zs to try and protect the commander and stop the SU-25T attack.

Blue Force Mission: Knock out the enemy SAM site so you can destroy an enemy garrison and hopefully eliminate its commanding officer.  This can be flown by up to 12 human players.

Number of Players: 1-14
Solo Play?: Yes
Works Best with: 3-5 players
Duration: around 30-45mins
Mods Needed: Nil
NOTE: This is the same mission I uploaded to the SU-25T section.
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