The Last Battle of Normandy 1944 : FALAISE

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P-51D Mustang

The Last Battle of Normandy 1944 : FALAISE

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Date - 09/17/2022 13:32:41
- Relive the last battle of Normandy in 1944 aboard one of the allied planes - English Version Mission - With WWII Assets Pack.
- Almost all the planes of WWII can be used.

T h e     L a s t     B a t t l e     o f     N o r m a  n d y
               Battle  of  the  Falaise  Pocket
               - - - HISTORICAL BATTLE - - -
Mission that required more than 10 hours of work.
   -  SOLO Mission and MULTIPLAYER Mission  -

- Normandy - August 16, 1944

- You are a pilot in the 88th Squadron of the 2nd TAF - Tactical Air Force of the RAF, composed of planes of different types flown by several nations USA, England, France, ...).
- The last of the best German troops of the 5th and 7th Armies give their last stand near the town of Falaise.
- This is the very last battle in Normandy.

- The Germans are surrounded by the Canadians, the British, the Americans, and a French division.

- The only passage to escape is the East, but the Canadians (II Canadian Corps) will quickly close this passage from the North by fighting fiercely. The English, in the North, and the Americans, in the South then arrive to finalize this pincer movement.

- Objective n°1:
- Stop the advance of German troops towards the east of the town of Falaise. Watch the progress of ground troops, they are initially based a little south and south-west of Falaise.

- Objective 2:
- You will help the allies defeat the 1st and 2nd SS Panzer Division. These 2 Armored Divisions are the most violent of the Wehrmacht.

- The reality in 1944 :
- Even though some of the best German troops were present in this historic battle, these divisions had been greatly weakened by previous fighting and lack of food, so there were very few units left in each division.
- Thus the German troops had no chance of survival, it was an extermination, the bodies of German soldiers were strewn along the roadside as well as those of horses still widely used for transport.
- Most of the German soldiers did not surrender and fought to the death because Hitler had given the order. The German soldiers who survived the end of the battle were relieved to be last the war was over.

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