Operation Hormuz Mission 02

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DCS: World 2.7
F/A-18C Hornet

Operation Hormuz Mission 02

Uploaded by - zeeshine
Date - 09/08/2022 04:24:13
2-8 Multiplayer F/A-18C COOP Supercarrier Operation Mission
Skills Required: Cold Start, Case I Launch, HARM attack in PB mode, Deploy ADM-141 Decoy, Case I Recovery
Module Required: F/A-18C Hornet, Supercarrier, Persian Gulf Map.

[The mission file is updated on 31 Dec 2022, fixed deck object bug and wrong liveries, added kneeboard]

Mission 01 Link:

On the first day of strike, on the east side, the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet had successfully destroyed Bandar-e-Jask air base and its subsidiary military assets, including silkworm anti-ship missile launchers and aircrafts parked inside bunkers. On the west side, the USAF Middle East Command also made successful anti-radar attacks over Siri island and Abumusa Island, where the Iranians deployed their advanced air defense system. Intense air combats to gain air superiority are still under-going on both east and west side of the Hormuz Strait. We have shot down several Iranian Mig-29 and Mig-23 aircrafts over the Gulf of Oman. After that, the Iranian Air Force became more cautious and strategic, leveraged by their air defense system, the Iranian Air Force made several attempts to lure our allied air combat units deeper into the north. But at the current stage, as most SAM sites remain active inside the Iranian territory, the air combat is mainly conducted along the southern coast of Eastern Iran. Therefore, more SEAD flights to suppress the Iranian air defense system are expected to be planned in the following days.
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