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DCS: World 2.7

The THING - The movie

Uploaded by - Bioris
Date - 09/01/2022 15:08:05
- Movie "The Thing" - You will play the role of a helicopter pilot who comes to defend the base against the monsters - Monsters are Zombis Nazis (WWII Asset Pack).

- English version of the French Mission -

- You know the movie?! This horrible beast in Antarctica ... a base of scientists trying to defend themselves, join this base in a KA-50 or armed Mi-24 helicopter (yes, that's going to heat up!) and defend this base against the 5 waves of growing monsters. DCS mission which requires having the KA-50 or the Mi-24, WW II assets Packs for base vehicles, and the new Map South Atlantic. Good flight ;-)

- Mission with movie music and sounds of monsters and devoured people.

- Map: South Atlantic, with a rather cool weather and... clouds, snow, a little wind, little Sun... well, in short, not an atmosphere in the tropics...
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