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Ace Combat - VFC-124 'Sabers'

Type - Skin
Author - AWACS_Bandog
Date - 05/18/2022 03:01:58
Ace Combat and Fate inspired Livery set for the Chiller Juice Studios Super Hornet Mod. Featuring Custom Emblem.

A Brand-new unit with an extraordinarily long history. Fighter Composite Squadron 124, otherwise known as the “Sabers”, was born from a need for modernization and down-sizing within the Osean Maritime Defense Force’s airwings following the Lighthouse War of 2019. It was decided in 2021 that one of the last F-14 Squadrons, the VF-12 “Knights” would merge with one of the last legacy F-18 squadrons, VFA-112 “Paladins”, to form a unit flying both variants of the more modern F/A-18 Super Hornet.

The Sabers carry on the lineage of those who came before them, and their patches, battle stars and institutional wisdom proves this time and again in every exercise they have taken part in since their establishment. Though time will tell if the pilots of the Sabers are worthy of their birthright.

This is not intended as a replica of an Ace Combat squadron within the lore.

Currently comes with Seven skins. Pilots will also have correct patches and markings.

* CAG F/A-18F

* HiViz F/A-18F

* HiViz F/A-18E

* Operational HiViz F/A-18F

* Operational HiViz F/A-18E

* Operational F/A-18F

* Operational F/A-18E

Will require the Chiller Juice Studio mod to work. Not compatible with the Legacy F/A-18C.

this was based on both my own VFA-112 Skins as well as Haydz192's VF-12 "Knights" Skins

check out his VF-12 'Knights' skin here:

Please contact me on Discord at AWACS_BANDOG#7420 for any questions or bug-reports, thanks!
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