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Havoc's Quick Autostart for Ka-50

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - anonymous
Date - 04/26/2022 04:08:15
Optimized autostart script that takes 2m45s (default script takes 3m0s) and completes several common post-start procedures.

Updates for Open Beta, 2022/04/28:
* Filename changed to be unique, in case you download my scripts for other modules.

Havoc's Quick Autostart for the Ka-50

This is an optimized autostart sequence designed to get the helicopter up and running as quickly as possible, and complete several common post-startup tasks.  It is a VERY heavily modified version of the default autostart sequence.  It passes IC and is OvGME-ready.  The original startup script file is probably the oldest, or one of the oldest, in DCS, and it's written very differently from the others.  All the comments are in Russian and the file is very hard to comprehend or modify.  I've brought the code mostly up to the standards of the more recent startup scripts, as seen in the F-18 and later modules, changed the device references from numeric indexes to names, and added many (English) comments and labels.  It should now be much easier to modify for your own needs.

The main differences between this and the default autostart sequence are:

* Reduced total startup time to 2m45s instead of 3m0s.
* Added text descriptions for all the switches that are being activated as startup is proceeding.
* Does not turn on any external lights.  You can turn them on manually, or uncomment the ones you want in the lua file.
* Additional pre- and post-startup procedures:
** Voice system -- ON.  By default, the VMS (aka Bitchin Betty) only reads for critical systems, and otherwise just says "Watch EKRAN".  This switch makes her read out most other messages as well.  Thanks to Volk and others who re-discovered and called attention to this long-forgotten switch a few months ago.
** Laser rangefinder -- ARM.  This arms your laser rangefinder so it's ready to go.
** Master Arm -- ARM.  This makes your weapons hot.
** Man/Auto weapon switch -- MAN.  This enables manual launch control, which allows you to shoot whenever your press the pickle, instead of only when the computer thinks you're in parameters.
** UV-26 countermeasures system -- set to both sides, program 411.  This is a more sensible default countermeasures program that dispenses 1x flare from both sides, 1 per second, for 4 seconds.

Any of these settings can be easily disabled or changed in the lua file to suit your preferences.

The shutdown procedure has also been modified and brought up to current DCS code standard.  The default shutdown procedure leaves a few things turned on (VHF-1 radio, CMD power, SAI power, K-041 power) and some switch guards open.  My version turns everything off and should restore the cockpit to the cold-spawn state, at least for the switches and controls used during the startup.

To install, copy the Macro_sequences.lua file to C:\Games\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\Ka-50\Cockpit\Scripts (or whatever your game install folder is).

To use, press LWin+Home to autostart, or LWin+End to autostop.

Please let me know if you find any bugs or other problems.

Finally, big thanks to the ED programmers who had the foresight to make this scriptable, and Bailey for the inspiration to make my own.
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