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midi2keystroke x-touch-mini virtual keys input for DCS

Type - Utility
Author - elewarr
Date - 01/13/2022 20:40:59
I was looking for a working "MIDI-to-virtual keys" application working in DCS but I couldn't find one so using knowledge of other people (samples of Python code scattered around) I made a simple tool to generate virtual keys.

It was tested with X-Touch Mini but should work with any MIDI device (if configured properly) and it should be able to generate keys for any game, not only DCS.

1. make sure your X-Touch-Mini is configured same way as presented on screenshots
2. launch DCS and import key profiles (for NS430 for example)
3. launch one of *.bat files (NS430 or Hind sample profile)
4. with profiles imported, X-Touch-Mini generating keystrokes understood by NS430 or Hind module it should be able to use knobs and buttons

This tool is not for faint of heart. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

Source code: https://github.com/elewarr/midi2keystroke

Please note:
1. *.bat files are used to launch specific profile (for now a sample Hind and NS430 profiles are available)
2. *.yaml defines a configuration for given profile (Hind and NS430 examples should be self explanatory)
3. *.json contains key names and code (DO NOT MODIFY)

To create a new profile:
1. copy and modify a *.bat file for your new profile
2. define keys for in DCS controls configuration
3. copy and modify *.yaml and use the keys defined in step 2.

  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: English
  • Size: 7.01 Mb
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