Operation Trident - F/A 18C - Easy mission for advanced beginner

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Operation Trident - F/A 18C - Easy mission for advanced beginner

Uploaded by - Seal550
Date - 01/09/2022 20:49:45
F/A 18C Hornet, the Supercarrier module and the Caucasus map are required.
This mission for advanced beginners will introduce you to catapulting, air-to-ground radar and harpoon anti-ship missiles.
It will also cover the basics of waypoint navigation, the use of the tacan and radio system and in-flight refueling.
And as you can imagine, you'll have to come back in one piece to the carrier!

On the basis of information provided by an informer from Sochi,
our satellite image confirm the presence of a clandestine maritime convoy, going to the Sea of Azov.

It will probably deliver bacteriological material and conventional ammo to the Russian rebels in Crimea.
This convoy is composed of two freighters, and a heavily armed Molniya type Frigate.
A Harpoon suppression shot and a tactical approach will be necessary to saturate surface/air defenses.

Your priority are cargo ship, sink them ( or try :)  !

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