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DCS World 2.7
UH-1H Huey

RotorOps: Aleppo Under Siege

Uploaded by - spencergs
Date - 01/07/2022 05:17:25
Terrorists have attacked Aleppo.  We suspect they may try to ambush our response on the way into the city.  Support our troops with CAS and transport between the attack sites.  This is a pre-release demo mission for RotorOps, a script that makes it easy to quickly create fun, helicopter-focused missions directly in the mission editor.

RotorOps brings the ground war in DCS to life.  Infantry becomes useful, and the helicopter operations that support them will directly contribute to the success of the mission.

This is a game type called Conflict, where attacking forces must clear Conflict Zones of defending ground forces. Once a zone is cleared, the next zone is activated and ground vehicles will move to the next Conflict Zone automatically.  It's up to the rotorheads to pickup troops from the cleared zones and transport them to the active Conflict Zone.  

Troop pickup is available in the F10 'CTLD' menu.  You can pickup troops from the ground in the staging area, and in each zone after it is cleared of enemies.  Troops are very useful for flushing out enemy infantry and vehicles, but not necessary for mission success.

Remember that carrying weapons and troops will add to your total weight, so manage accordingly!

Drop troops inside the active zone and they will proceed to seek out the enemies within that zone.  Check the F10 map to see zone boundaries.

Check your F10 map for zone locations and status.  The active zone will also be marked with smoke.

Good luck!

Updated Jan 9, 2022: updated RotorOps script and triggers. Added slots for Mi8 and Mi-24

Updated Jan 16, 2022: updated RotorOps 1.2.1 which includes new voiceovers and quality troop load/unload sound effects.

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