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DCS: World 2.7

Little Round Top

Author - sidekick65
Date - 01/06/2022 21:27:10
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As you have probably been sensing, there is a big Op on teh way.
III Marine Amphib Force is determined to take care of our little VC problem in Van Toung

In preparation for the main effort today Marines and ARVN forces are going to move out and secure the hill overlooking Van Tuong to secure the start line for op starlite

VMA 211 will provide Close Air Support to ground forces assaulting Little Round Top and Cemetary Ridge today

Phase 1 - will occur prior to H-Hour.  We will do an armed recon of the two objectives and hit any targets of opportunity that we fine.  

The priority will be on AAA during this phase to clear the way for operations later in the day.
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