Cowboy's (NOT a) SeaHawk UH-60a Mod (AI only)

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Cowboy's (NOT a) SeaHawk UH-60a Mod (AI only)

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - prccowboy
Date - 11/11/2021 14:12:34
Cowboy's Livery Pack (CLP) UH-60a MOD (by PRCCOWBOY)
UH-60a add-ons to allow weapon loadouts and appearance modification to simulate ESSS, DAP, MH-60R and MH-60s
2022-10-08 UPDATE: fix for laser guided weapons now included

This project was originally meant to replace the old SH-60b model with something that looked better as a personal entertainment / learning exercise. However, I have received multiple requests both public and private to release it, so I am doing so here. I fully expect his mod to be unnecessary when ED finally releases a new SH-60 and other modders release their flyable BlackHawk; (both of those models should be much better than this) but if you can't wait until then...

What this mod does:

1) Allows you to have the appearance and capability of: ESSS External Stores, MH-60L DAP, MH-60R StrikeHawk, MH-60S Knighthawk, HH-60G PaveHawk, MH-60L (legacy), and a "Mike" configuration
2) New Tasking: Anti-Ship Strike, CAS, GroundAttack, and AFAC
3) New loadouts: Hellfires, Hydra rockets, fuel tanks, and Penguin anti-ship missile
4) I've included a few liveries of mine adapted for this mod. However, most UH-60a liveries are compatible (but need to be copied to the \Liveries\CLP_UH60aMOD folder because DCS treats this as a separate aircraft)
5) the mod will be listed as "UH-60a MOD (CLP)" in the mission editor

Now, LOTS of disclaimers / credits:

1) This mod creates a user files virtual duplicate of the existing DCS UH-60a to allow user defined loadouts. The 3d models included in this package are "add-ons" to the existing UH-60a

This mod DOES NOT alter or redistribute the DCS UH-60a model. The DCS UH-60a model is the Intellectual Property of Eagle Dynamics. The manufacturer and owner of the Intellectual Property rights did not in any way sponsor, endorse or aid in the development of this mod.

2) This mod DOES NOT modify core DCS files. All additions are in "User Files"

3) This mod is NOT a Seahawk (did you see the catchy title?). Although I have included a "MH-60R" package, technically, it is NOT correct. Since this mod only "bolts on" some appearance packages and allows new tasking and weapons on the existing UH-60a, there are many things that are technically incorrect (ie gear, doors, etc.). In fact, EVERYTHING in this mod I did with only MK.1 eyeball using some photos I found on the internet. I do NOT represent anything found here as correct. As always, this is my artistic representation based on photos of the actual aircraft / my modeling skills, and not necessarily 100% accurate.

credit to:
rato65 - whose original "UH-60 US Coast Guard Mod" inspired me to make this
EasyPeac3's UH-60 template was used in creating all my UH-60 liveries

Notes: The door gunners still don't work. I haven't figured out the code for that yet. If anyone can assist, please let me know. Also, I'm still trying to figure out how to get the in-game animation working for the FLIR pods. As such, this is a "beta" build


unzip the files and copy the entire contents of the 'Mods' folder in the zip file to your DCS user files folder, example:
C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\

(You should end up with a "CLP_UH-60a_MOD" folder under Mods/Tech, example:
"C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech\CLP_UH-60a_MOD\")

simply delete the "CLP_UH-60a_MOD" folder from the above location (Do NOT delete the entire 'Mods' folder as this will remove any other mods you may have installed)

Discussion forum here:

fixed laser guided weapons not working with latest DCS updates

corrected UH-60L no probe variant

Added 4 more models / configurations: MH-60R no pylons, MH-60S no pylons, MH-60L (legacy) with pylons and UH-60J
Re-worked R/S/ESSS models and textures
Added/modified liveries
Added Damage code (thanks to "RustyGunner" for identifying it was missing)
Modified fuel tank code to avoid any potential conflicts

v0.9.1116 BETA
Added 3 no pylon configurations: HH-60G, MH-60L (legacy), and a "Mike" configuration
all FLIRs are now rigged for animation (for future development)
Added/modified liveries
Added additional parts to "DAP", "L", and "M" variants

v0.9.1110 BETA - 1st Public Release
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: Any language
  • Size: 227.8 Mb
  • Downloaded: 4208
  • Comments: 16
Tags: UH-60, uh-60a