"Gusto Liverie 8K" Highly detailed. by Malbak

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DCS: World 2.7

"Gusto Liverie 8K" Highly detailed. by Malbak

Type - Skin
Author - FloMalbak
Date - 10/20/2021 09:26:53
Teaser vidéo  :     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84vVwfhoPXg&t=1s


Warning :
If you want to pass the IC, you have to disabled this file : coremods/aircraft/m2000c/textures/m2000c/pilot_M2KC_helmet_RoughMet.dds

-Brought into line of intrados and extrados heavy door and hatch panels providing access to aircraft avionics and mechanics

-Addition of all aeronautical markings, in accordance with official technical documentation
Brought into line, size and location of all markings

-Addition of a layer of glossy varnish via roughtmet on all aircraft markings.
IRL, each marking is varnished after installation to protect it.

-Fixed and actual ec2/5 registration 115-YE No. 122

-30mm Defa gun and recolored and retextured canon muzzle in accordance with pictures take after Solenzara air to ground gun fire training.

-Exchange with Thierry Murcia official spotter of the ec2/5, to give the guns a heated metal appearance, the outlets and mouths oiled and polished by powder deposits.

-Detailed and recolorised refueling probe

-Added more than 2000 screws, rivet, and bolt conforming to the real aircraft

-Add detail of the fixing points of the eleven on the trailing wings edges , details of the stampings of the plates and difference in the thickness of the surfaces

-Airbrakes detailed by adding screws, and recoloring.

-Snecma and nozzle reworked, brought in compliance with the engine/fuselage junction flange

-Main gear and nose wheel reworked, detail, recoloring, identification number plate, gear light Add detail on Michelin Air rims and tyres

-Reworking of the pitot cap, engine cap, feeding cap, access ladder

-Addition of paint luster, trace of undercaot and raw material.

-Recoloring of all aircraft camouflage, added of shoe marks on the outer wings, hand and finger marks at the handling locations.

-Great works on "roughtmet" and "normals" files

-Pilot wearing Tan color, maewest, anti-G suit, official patches ec2/5, helmet, Sunvisors

By Malbak
Duck's Squadron
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