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DCS: World 2.7

Crew Warning Script - DEMO Mission (Missiles & AAA)

Author - Draken35
Date - 09/08/2021 20:59:37
Last Updated: 09/12/21 -V1.04                                                                                                                                                                                 This scripts provides voice and text alerts about AAA fire and missile launches directed to the player aircraft

This script was developed to provide the capability to the AI crew in single player to alert about missile launches and the aircraft being shot at. It was originally developed for the UH-1H Huey, to make the AI gunners announce enemy fire, but it can be used in any other aircraft.

Voice and text alert are enable by default but can be disabled.

A rear blind spot angle and probabilities of detecting missiles and/or AAA can be configured to adapt the script to different aircrafts.

Scripts and Sounds provided in separated folders. Move them were appropriate in your setup

Requires MIST 4.4.90  <>

Please provide feedback in this thread:

Special thanks for CFRAG for the mentoring, code and ideas!

    Version history
    1.0        09/08/2021    Initial release.
    1.01    09/08/2021  Added unit type, white list and blacklist filters
    1.02    09/10/2021  - cws.getClockDirection rewriten by cfrag and some code reorg in prep for better things        
                        - fixed bug in blindspot detection
                        - Max spotting distance for missile launch 6000m (configurable)
                        - general code optimization/simplification
    1.03    09/11/2021     >>> 20 years, Lest we forget <<<
                        - allow to switch slots
                        - default probabilities of detection change to 100% (to facilitate testing)
                        - default read blind spot change to 0 degrees (to facilitate testing)
    1.04    09/12/2011     - Added missile tracking
                        - detection profiles
                        - Taking Fire alert per shooter suppresion timer
                        -  use mist.message.add for alerts
                        ---- New sound files.
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