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DCS: World 2.7
F/A-18C Hornet

Operation Persian Putdown Behead the Head

Author - Riscorider
Date - 09/08/2021 15:49:48
The mission objective is to eliminate the senior leadership of the Iranian General Staff.  

The Teddy Roosevelt Battlegroup was deployed to the Persian Gulf 7 days ago to protect friendly merchant shipping from Iranian attack.  Since then the Iranians have launched multiple air and sea attacks all of which have been repulsed.  Recent changes to the Rules of Engagement have allowed us to conduct preemptive airstrikes over Iranian territory to eliminate the Iranian Air Force as a viable threat.  Along the way a secret nuclear installation has been destroyed.

Now we're launching an attack to take out their senior military leadership near Shiraz airbase.  You and your wingman will conduct a low level ingress avoiding detection until you pop up and bomb the two headquarters buildings.  After bomb release get back down on the deck and make your way to Mother avoiding any Iranian fighters launched in response.  

You can expect a few surprises along the way

This mission was originally created as the sixth mission of a multiplayer campaign for my son and me.

In the original scenario the Iranian Air Force has been eliminated as a serious threat at this point.  However, it is possible that nations friendly to Iran may provide military assistance.  ;)  

Depending on how the mission progresses there are multiple scenarios possible.  In any event you will be assigned a second mission when you return to the carrier.  The mission assigned will be dictated by events during your initial sortie.  One of the possible second missions is consistent in its objective but somewhat random in its scope depending on events which occur during your initial sortie.  Another possible second mission may require multiple sorties depending on you proficiency and weapons loadout.   The screenshots are somewhat limited by the size restriction for uploading but they may give you a hint or two.  :)

I have tested this mission thoroughly but due to the random nature of certain events its possible something may occur which I haven't encountered and accounted for.  I've tried to make things challenging without being so hard that its frustrating.  

Please let me know if you run into a problem or have any suggestions for improvement.  Enjoy!
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