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DCS: World 2.7
F-16C Viper

Operation Black Noise

Author - theManOfSock
Date - 07/16/2021 23:03:33
Operation Black Noise is a deep strike mission against an Iranian communications relay complex. The compound appears to be a very important relay site and if this is to be destroyed it is possible that much of the Iranian communications grid will be incapacitated.

US surveillance drones have spotted an Iranian communication relay compound just north of Havadarya.

We will be launching a package consisting of a CAP flight (Dodge, 4 F-15C), one SEAD flight (Ford, 4 F/A-18C lot 20), and you, the strike package (Pontiac, 1 F-16CM bl. 50).

Ford (player) will be attacking the radio tower and the building to the north-west of the tower. WP3 is located between the two targets. We want you to put one GBU-31 on each target.

It is recommended that you view the mission planner to understand the situation.

Locate and destroy the command office as well as their radio antennae at WP3.

When both munitions are pickled declare yourself winchester (via F10 radio option).

Take off at 0715Z (11:15 AM Local)

WP1: WP1
WP2: Ingress
WP3: Target Area
WP4: Egress
WP5: WP5
WP6: Inbound RW 13R
WP7: Landing


Important Comm Presets:
1 - 251.1 (Al Dhafra AFB)
2 - 268.0 (Overlord)

The only unofficial mod that you need to run this mission is the F-16C 510th Aviano Buzzards liveries for the F-16C which can be found here:
https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3307150/ ... if you have never installed a livery before, the installation path for this particular set can be found here:
[YOUR USER]/Saved Games/[YOUR VERSION OF DCS]/Liveries/F-16C_50/

I am pretty sure that "communication relays" do not exist realistically. I decided to make that the objective because I thought it would be a fun idea to "wipe out" the enemy's communication network

The AI is absolute garbage and when I figure out how to make them... not garbage I will post an updated version of the mission.

This is my first ever proper mission. It is going to be trash, so please leave criticisms in the comments so I know what can be done better and what works
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