Mi-24P -Swiss Air Force (UNHCR variant) - v1.3

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Mi-24P -Swiss Air Force (UNHCR variant) - v1.3

Type - Skin
Author - rge75
Date - 07/16/2021 18:11:12
Swiss Air Force livery based on the Super Puma

The Swiss Air Force does NOT have any Mi-24, therefore it's a fictional livery. It's based on the layout of the Super Puma (T-320) which is currently used by the Swiss Air Force.

Note: If you're also interested into the other variants, then the skins can be found here:

v1.0 Release
v1.1 corrected red frame on left door, added gray (EUFOR) version, updated green (KFOR) version with new DCS texture template
v1.2 corrected bottom part of black nose (color did not match upper part), corrected two minor issues, renamed livery caption, added UNHCR variant
v1.3 fixed tail bottom (belly blue was missing), added camo variant (green and gray, T-315/T-333)
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