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DCS World 2.7

Retreat from Damascus

Uploaded by - kunterbunt
Date - 06/12/2021 14:58:13
Damascus in the middle of war.
US Navy F-14 fighters are targeting all Russian air targets.
The Russian military already sent Su-27 to intercept.
This is a very simple mission that only requires basic flying skills.

Remark: I always wanted to make a mission that beginners can enjoy. You only need very basic flying skills with the Mi-8 and nothing else. You will still enjoy a battlefield happening all around you. You can fly this mission several times and you will always see something else happening around you. enjoy!

See video

Remark: v1.2 added triggers to make the mission a bit more predictable. added even more things to happen.

As UN pilot, your mission is to takeoff from Mezzeh airfield and follow set navigation route to retreat from Damascus to the north to Rayak airport.
As UN pilot, you are not a target and will not need to fight. Just follow the smoke in the north to help you with navigation to the target airport.

Remark: This mission is based on the standard missionMi-8MTV2-Syria-Air Taxi
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