F/A-18C Hornet Flight Manual [chapter-1] REV15092021 (pdf)

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F/A-18C Hornet

F/A-18C Hornet Flight Manual [chapter-1] REV15092021 (pdf)

Type - Document
Author - Cruizzzzer
Date - 05/29/2021 18:24:01
F/A-18C Hornet Flight Manual [chapter-1] (pdf)

Hey everyone!

I started out working on this manual about 1 ½ years ago.
My first idea was creating an as thorough checklist, which you can convert into a kneeboard, and going through all the checklist step by step, so nothing is left out.

It takes you from a “cold & dark” hornet, to starting up, loading weapons, taking off etc…

But soon this project got bigger and bigger. So, I ended up with a 300+ pages manual which was truly not practical for kneeboard use.

So, I picked all necessary items and put them into another manual.

The pdf is formatted like this…
As pdf, it is best read with two pages side by side.
The “index” page lets you jump directly to the according chapters, by clicking on the applicable chapter.
The “F/A-18C Flight Manual” title on the bottom of every page brings you back to the “index” page.
Throughout the manual, there are certain things underlined (hyperlinks). These are referenced to Wikipedia, in case you want to learn more about the system involved.

The “stores” weapon pages (created by “Pokeraccio”, again many thanks that he approves me to use his tables in this manual, being available for the DCS fellows) has all the different weapons sorted by the available stations on the hornet. All of those are also “clickable”, making it possible to jump to the chosen weapons, without tedious jumping from page to page.

Another mention and a big "THANK YOU” is for “Minsky”, as I used his great threats table on page 69.

A last and great thank you is to "Pieterras" for his work on the whole CASE recovery feature... Took his approach of lighting use during carrier night ops...

So much great stuff people contribute in this community!

Last sidenote:
While creating this manual, I tried to be as thorough as possible, but surely there will be mistakes burrowed in the pages. Hope there won’t be many, but if you stumble across anything that is wrong just write a PM.

So, hope it helps!


REVISION RECORD: (as shown on the pdf on the lower left corner of each page by REV"day","month","year")

small errors corrected...

pdf overhaul...

REV 01082021
Formatting issues
Page 4        added evasive action / countermeasures to table
Page 13        added SWITCHES table
Page 35        added HMD alignment
Page 37        changed right DDi setup to “CHECKLIST” iso “FCS”
                Added “BOXED” for TACAN
                Added “BOXED” for ICLS
Page 38        LDG Checklist - right DDI changed to “CHECKLIST”
Page 50        added restriction for ALT change “within 50NM” according to control zone of the carrier
Page 54        LDG Checklist - right DDI changed to “CHECKLIST”
Page 68        added lethal and critical coloured circles
Page 69        added “TIN SHIELD” / “NASAMS” / “CVN-75 TRUMAN” to table
                 changed many hyperlinks from german to english
Page 70        added evasive action / countermeasures to table
                added lethal and critical coloured circles
Page 72        added “NASAMS”
Page 73        added “CVN-75 TRUMAN”
Page 74        changed many hyperlinks from german to english

REV 23062021
Page 3 & 4    changed “caution / warning /advisory panels” to ones with higher resolution
Page 5 – 8    changed “advisory lights panels” to ones with higher resolution
                NOTES on RA added
Page 13        added table for external electric
Page 20        SLAM-ER = AGM-84H corrected
Page 33        header color code changed to match font color code
Page 40        deleted “ejection seat … safe” after LDG (not sure if this is correct, but as it is listed in the shutdown
                        procedure, deleted it for the after LDG procedure) … this makes more sense
Page 52ff            reformatted “vfr ldg pattern”
Page 56        abeam distance changed to match F/A-18C on-speed
Page 74        A / B / F / T font colors changed to match the ones on Page 69
Page 81ff            changed some colorcoding for better distinguishibility
Page 90        sent “button list” to the back of manual to keep the side by side view of necessary pages
Page 90        added links to the pdf/kneeboard downloads. To easy check whether there are updates available.
                        Just check the “REV_date” (lower left corner on the pdf) vs published REV

Reformatting issues…
Page 5ff            highlighted advisories
Page 13        added timing for “apu start”
                        “timing” deleted on “throttle idle”; added “timing” on “crank” to observe “starter lim it” timing
Page 30        entry of coords procedure revised
Page 54        changed format of “ldg checklist” to match rest of the manuals format
Page 54ff            changed headline color during vfr landing pattern for better distinction
Page 78        “aoa lim it due to mach” headline revised
Page 88ff            rules of thumb added

REV 31052021
Reformatting issues…
        Reversed colors of headlines for better recognition (thanks to “thrustvector” for input)
Page 36:    clarification of NOTE for „external lights MASTER SWITCH”

REV 30052021
1. front page
2. index page reformatted
3. deck personnel added
4. page 50; HSI radial errors corrected; DOL = "Distance of Lead" added to clarify abbreviation
5. ENG START: notes added (page 13)
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