Life-Line 2021-(Part 1)

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DCS: World 2.7
UH-1H Huey
Life-Line 2021-(Part 1)

Life-Line 2021-(Part 1)

Type - Campaign
Author - foxrider335
Date - 05/09/2021 01:42:27
Do you have what it takes to be Sam McDougal? Put your Huey skills to the test with this series of 5 story based missions beginning with Short Flight Home.

DIFFICULTY-- Intermediate-Advanced


SFC Jackson's field artillery unit is one of several detachments from the Nevada National Guard conducting a Division Capstone Exercise (DCX) designated Life-Line 21 at Hawthorne Army Ammunition Depot over the next 2 weeks. A small group of OPFOR will be coming up from Ft. Irwin later in the week to play war games out in the box in the mountains to the west.


1. Sling hauling.
2. Cargo and personnel transport.
3. Search and rescue.
4. General flight and navigation challenges.
5. Cold-start and full shutdown.


1. Familiarization with the radio systems in the UH-1H. (Easy Communication OFF)
2. Pre-flight planning and confidence in navigating VFR. (F-10 Map Only)
3. Relative confidence flying in IFR conditions and at night. (F-10 Map Only)


1. UH-1H Huey module
2. Nevada Test and Training Range Map
3. No third party add-ons required

Extract zip file to-- Saved Games/DCS/Missions/Campaigns/en

Not tested in VR.

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