Multiplayer Mission Operation Jubilee - With Refueling and Rearming (R&R) Advanced Landing Grounds' (WW 2 FARP)

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DCS: World 2.5
P-51D Mustang
Multiplayer Mission Operation Jubilee - With Refueling and Rearming (R&R) Advanced Landing Grounds' (WW 2 FARP)

Multiplayer Mission Operation Jubilee - With Refueling and Rearming (R&R) Advanced Landing Grounds' (WW 2 FARP)

Author - stevanj
Date - 04/19/2021 18:50:01


How to take off and land from the Blue Farp (Hard Difficulty)

The US have landed in Dieppe, trying to advance into the City as the German Panzer squads hold them back.
Meanwhile, German forces are taking to the sky to relive another Raid two years after they flew the Ramsgate Murder Raid, this time targetting Manston and the US hordes of Bombers..

Pick a side, and decide how you want to play.
If the Red side destroys all Bombers at Manston Blue Lose (this will happen automatically and takes 2.5 hours)..
To Win, Blue must destroy all Fighter Bombers, Or Ground units at Dieppe before all the Bombers at Manston are destroyed..

You can either join in with the Red side and hurry things up.
Or join the blue side and destroy the advancing forces.

There are Mini missions that can alter the game meaning you can dogfight, or bomb targets.

***** READ ALL OF THIS!!! *****

Update @ 13 Downloads- More units at sea to shoot at by request.

WW2 ALG -Advanced Landing Ground (

ONLY USE IF YOUR SERVER IS OPEN- NO PRIVATE USES (lets get people into the Warbirds game).


Timer Re-Loads the mission at the 3 Hour Mark.
Mission Re-Loads if the Mission is won by either Coalition.

This is a basic version with 'no frills' as the previous version had smoke, explosive effects, barage fire, and units to increase immersion but it crashed and FPS were so low it was if i were playing this game on an N64, so if people like this, and rendering gets better, ill update this file as the game improves with more effects/units/rotating weather etc.

For more missions join our Sub

If you are a new player DO NOT USE THE FARP! If you want to 'air start' over the Farp, and practice grass landing, do 'touch and go', in the area around the FARP.
Crashing in the FARP will leave the dead airframe in the field and prevent others from using it pro-actively.
Start on a runway, then IF you have to use the FARP start on the Red Farp, and line yourself up with the two 'pointing' F-Shape Barriers.

So - There is an modern EWR for each team, to SIMULATE Bomber/Fighter Command.
Each FARP is defended by modern AAA, to prevent 'base camping' or 'enemies shooting you down while you re-arm'.
And Manston/Merville have immortal AAA .
RED FARP = EASIER (flatter and longer)

There is AI flying around so you can either fight them- with your friend over the Channel, or protect them from other AI while flying solo.
There is stuff to bomb at Dieppe, Stuff to shoot in the air, and in the Sea, and the ground is littered with Anti-Air (search and destroy)..
If youre new to Warbirds, grab a P47 for the REDS and shoot down the US Recon (which are unarmed)..
As you get better swap team, and shoot down the armed German Recon.
If youre an expert, put yourself in a Spitfire at the Blue Farp and go on a raid deep into enemy territories and destroy the Fighters at Abbeville (which will win you the game).

Theres stuff to do -everywhere.

New players.
Search and Shoot at the cargo vessels in the Sea for target practice.
Learn to takeoff with a plane thats already hot, then learn to land.
Then learn to shoot the TF-51's flying Recon.

Novice players.
Aid the German strike on Manston
Defend Manston from the German strike.
Escort the Friendly Bombers taking off from Headcorn.

Expert players.
Use the FARP in the West of France, Destroy the enemy ground units around Dieppe (this wins the game).
Intercept the Attacking Fighters over Dunkirk before they have a chance to enter British Airspace (this wins the game).
Go deep and take-out the Fighters at Abbeville (this wins the game).

This is a mission that me and a squad use for practice. There are COLD, HOT and AIR starts.
If you need anything added, just holla. Feel free to use this for Public Servers. Ill address bugs as they come IF i can.

Antons Kamikazi - Reported (awaiting a fix- wont matter if you shoot them down).
Any others let me know.

A training mission for the FARP is available on here, if you want to use it as a template for your own missions/practice etc.

The mission will last 2 hours 30 miuntes if you dont do anything.
The Fastest time we managed to clear the Tanks from dieppe was 2 Hours 5 minutes between 6 of us (which was tough)..

This Mission is to allow you to have fun within the Warbirds game, There are ground targets in place for the Mosquito, In which Ill update this mission for that module if its asked for.
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