Persian Gulf Race Course 2020

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
Persian Gulf Race Course 2020

Persian Gulf Race Course 2020

Author - Kortana47
Date - 03/23/2021 20:30:33
I created this race course for an event in a group a used to be a part of. Due to a few requests on videos of me running the course, I've decided to put it here for everyone to try. This can be run as either a multiplayer or a single player mission. There are currently F-18s, F-14s, F-16s, Mirage 2000s, and a TF-51 available on the course, but feel free to add other aircraft and have some fun with it.

If you are curious about how to run the course, I have made two videos of my runs:

An early run in the F-14B near the end of my development of the course:

A more recent run in the mirage from a more cinematic perspective:
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