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IRAN CHESS THEATRE V2.3.1 - update

IRAN CHESS THEATRE V2.3.1 - update

Author - Tomy10
Date - 01/11/2021 17:52:48
Iran Chess is a structure of theatre that allows you to create the mission you want for solo, multi, pve and Pvp, either Red or Blue.
V2.2 video presentation :

" DCS is good to simulate battle, BMS is good to simulate War "

Having this sentence in mind, and a bit of experience into BMS and its fantastic way to brief and create your mission, I've created Iran Chess : A 350*300nm theatre, simetrical between the two coalition, and most important : alive.

Add your package, your flight plan, your objectives, and their you go ! a simple mission  into a huge living theatre. Iran Chess is more like a tool, a sandbox fr om which you can do the mission you want.

Moose is randomly creating flights patrolling the theatre.
With Zeus, you can add things (grounds units, aircrafts), into the running mission, also in multiplayer. Zeus User Manual is the folder :)

Whats in the folder :


-IRAN CHESS 2.3.1.miz
This mission is a ready to fly one, with few packages.

-IRAN CHESS 2.3.1_ZEUS.miz
Same one, but with ZEUS added. Be awaare that Zeus will make the mission freeze for 10sec at start, its normal. For more information about Zeus, take a look at the ZEUS MANUAL in Scripts folder.



-Kneeboards PPTX, if you'd like to edit it for your mission
To add Kneeboard in the mission, open the .miz (with 7zip/Winrar), and copy you .jpg/.png in KNEEBOARD/IMAGES

-the folder where each pages are in .jpg

And Zeus User Manual

Thanks to MOOSE and ZEUS tools.

About Moose:
About Zeus :
About Skynet IADS:

NEW VIDEO : Here is a video that shows you a bit more about whats Iran Chess and how its working :

As an example, here is a video of a solo mission taking place in the south part of the theatre :

Complete mission with the  185th !

For more information, come and ask your questions :) :

V2.3.1 --- 04/16/2021 - Quick update
-V2.3 was not working with OB2.7, fixed
-added new clouds

V2.3 --- 03/30/2021 - Update
- lots of minor tweaking on Moose Air traffic
- added few red ground units
- Added 9 Sa-6 with random spawn at mission start
- Added client slot for :  B1,B52, Mig27, Mig 31, Tu22, Su24, Tu160. You can get this flyable IA with 4YA, or linked in Grim Reaper video of about mods :)
- Moove blue Carrier 120nm to the south
- few other minor changes i might not remember !

V2.2.1 --- 03/20/2021 - Small update
- lot of small tweak : fix bad ground unit placement
- few erros in the kneeboards
- few errors on the Moose scripts
- add few client slots

V2.2 --- 03/07/2021 - Hotfix
2xB52 spawn at Kish were blocking taxi way, solved , only one will taxi

V2.2 --- 03/06/2021 UPDATE
- Theatre extend to the north and to the south
- IADS have been added to the SA-11
- Rework of Blue CAP
- Rework of Red CAP
- Rework of Neutral civilian traffic
- New Kneeboards
- Added Aircraft Carrier

V2.1.1 --- 02/24/2021 HOTFIX
-We've noticed the Blue US E3/E2 Awacs were causing micro freeze for client on multi !! We solve the issu by replacing them with Blue Task Force KJ2000. link here:
- tweak Blue Moose, less trafic
-added few clients blue slots for Freefly missions.

V2.1 --- 02/22/2021 UPDATE
- Rebuilt of A2A Dispatcher - Less trafic, more randmess of aircraft tips. Add SIRJAN cap zone
- Add ATIS fro Shiraz, Kish, Bandar Abbas (see kneeboard for FRQ).
- Add New Kneeboards
- Add fog and dust

V2.0 --- 02/07/2021 UPDATE
Complete rebuilt of the theatre. Still be the same structure, but different units, lot of minor changes.
- Added Neutral coalition, very nice for AA
- Added ATIS
- 400 grounds units removed, the theatre is more efficient :)
- Some trigger zones have been added just to show you good spot for AG mission :)

V1.9.3 --- 02/03/2021  -> Moose again
Lastest update chagelog reveals " Crash when F18A spawn " and " Crash when units collid with statics".  Everything is working again !! :D

V1.9.2 --- 01/02/2021  No more Moose
- Moose is causing game crash, until i find a solution, moose is now removed.   .lua still in the folder tho :)

V1.9.2 --- 01/29/2021 hotfix
- Moose wasnt working at all --> Solved, phew errors is the RED .lua, and new DCS version make Moose less stable, be carefull with fast forwarding

V1.9.1 --- 15/01/2021 PUBLIC RELEASE

Known problems :
- Contrail go crazy sometimes, dont know why
- AI randomly  crash mid-air, out of feul ?
- AI stupidly crash when AAR, tanker speed/alt ?
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