JG5 "Eismeer": a campaign for Fw190 A-8 - Caucasus map

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JG5 "Eismeer": a campaign for Fw190 A-8 - Caucasus map

Type - Campaign
Uploaded by - baco30
Date - 01/08/2021 11:27:30
This campaign is based on the history of the Jagdgeschwader 5 "Eismeer" (Arctic Sea), as narrated by German ace Walter Schuck in his book "Luftwaffe Eagle".
The unit operated for most of the WWII above the Arctic Circle facing the Red Army from East and the RAF bombers from West.
The 13 missions reflect actual operations described in the book, 2 are made only to test your flying skill.
The campaign was originally designed for the Bf109K-4 (https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314088/); this is the conversion for the Fw190A-8 module.

WWII Assets Pack required

As opposed to the rest of the Eastern Front, at those high latitudes the front line remaind almost stationary until the surrender of Finland in 1944 and JG5's main tasks were to escort the supply convoys directed to Kirkenes, to attack Soviet  convoys directed to the strategic  port of Murmansk, to support the 20th Mountain Division and the Finnish Army against the 14th Soviet Army.

- To replicate the tough enviroment I used the NW side of Caucasus map in winter with the sun always low on the horizon.

- Beside the air/ground combat, the missions test also your flying skill: navigation through landmarks as the compass is unrelaiable due to high latitude, Take Off and Landing crosswind was sometime a serious issue, in one mission you will be required to land on a short front line airstrip.

- 3 custom skins are included: 2 for the A-20 "Boston", 1 for a fictional USSR P-47D.

- briefings and some historical notes included

Required: WWII Asstes pack and Fw190-A-8

I hope you enjoy.

PS if you are interested in the history of the Luftwaffe, I do suggest you the book that inspired this campaign
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